Services Provided

Hawk-Eye Protective Services
Our Specialties

Gated Community Security

Guarding Gated Communities is what we do best – every minute of the day and night – 24/7/365!!! Our experienced Management Team, our highly-trained Road Supervisors and our Licenced Security Officers all combine to make certain that your Residents, Guests, and Vendors have a secure and safe environment.

From the first meeting to the security analysis to implementation of the Post Orders, Hawk-Eye will be there to service your account and to ensure a smooth transition if needed.

We guard Gated Communities —- and we do it well!!

Security Analysis

Hawk-Eye will provide, free of charge, a comprehensive and exhaustive Security Analysis of your commercial building, Condo Association, HOA, shopping center or retail store.  Good ongoing security depends on this Analysis. Let us help you establish the good guidelines which will support the best possible Security to fit your needs.

Condominium & Luxury Apartment Specialists

Our Condominium & Luxury Apartment Security Officers are trained to greet your guests with the professionalism that stems from our concierge type training.  These boutique style Security Officers how to present the right attitude for you building. Their training emphasizes that being kind and patient is as important as being efficient in carrying out your buildings post orders and duties.  Hawk-Eye stands ready to deliver top notch Security along with a first impression that is lasting.

Commercial Buildings, Office Parks and Office Centers

Hawk-Eye provides professional Security Personnel to Commercial Buildings, Office Parks and Office Centers.

Our duties consist of checking your customers, visitors and personnel with the professionalism needed and friendly yet firm attitude.  We provide screening of visitors, distribute tags or badges, provide security checks to protect your property and provide information to assist tenants and visitors.  Additionally, we monitor cameras, patrol designated areas, observe and report, provide general information and carry out post orders as per the need of the client.  We also provide perimeter patrol whether on foot or with our fully marked and equipped patrol vehicles.  Whatever your commercial needs are, Hawk-Eye is there to be your partner.